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Barrel Rack

Your product is increasing in value yearly! BARRELRACK.COM are timeless, and built to last. Above The Rest – Our barrel racks are specifically designed to safely and compactly rack & stack your barrels.

Maintain Volume and Stability (Literally):

Barrels by design are made to contain a liquid pressure from within and are not built to withstand external pressure exerted by stacking barrels on top of each other, which can result in leakage. Additionally, directly stacking round barrels on one another is not a logical way to store product in any region that is subject to instability.

Our design is focused on maintaining the stability of your product during a seismic event by placing round barrels in a strong steel rectangular interlocking format. There is no external pressure placed on the barrel itself because each individual rack supports itself on it’s own. The weight is transferred where it should be – On the ground and not on the barrel below, resulting in less leakage and more profit!

No Wasted Space:

SPACE IS MONEY, YOUR MONEY, not just once but each and every time you pay rent or your mortgage. By utilizing the correct barrel rack to fit your barrel size you can store more barrels in the same space.

Racking Options

RACK (# 01) 25 gallon Beer/Wine
RACK (# 02) 53 gallon Liquor Barrel
RACK (# 03) 61 gallon Liquor Barrel

All racks are made of 3/16” boxed steel.

Barrel Rack Finish:

Our barrel racks display beautifully, turning a storage area into your showroom. Our racks are all powder coated, making them last longer and easier to clean. Powder Coating Color Options: Black, Silver, Dark Blue, Dark Green or Burgundy.

Customize your racks with your company logo water jetted in steel and welded on prior to powder coating. Available with a minimum order of 48 racks only. Additional cost determined by complexity and jet time required – Average cost $45.00/ rack. (For example, the Seacrets Distilling Logo, adds $45.00 to the cost of the individual rack.)

seacrets logo water jetted

Shipping prices can be calculated by location and weight.